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No Ordinary Chick

No Ordinary Chick is a naturalist; honors Mother Earth and everything made reflects that viewpoint. A creative streak touches all part of life and 30 years of experience in the kitchen and garden, working with essential oils, natural foods, herbs, stones, and Mother Earth lore, have helped to create a unique line of hand made products.

No Ordinary Chick Spice Rubs

"...are an absolute staple in my kitchen!"- Dana L.H. Alongi

Certified Aromatherapist

Use of natural essential oil products can enhance and revitalize our lives and environment starting from the first use. Our pure essential oils are blended in carrier oils and used with hydrosols for massage and body-care, added to the bath for self-care, and used in keeping green households. This broad range of synergy uses allows us nourish and restore our health; emotional, physical, and spiritual, and is an especially helpful alternative for chemically sensitive individuals.

Bath Tea Steep Bags

Fill tub with warm water, remove bath tea bag from ziplock, and steep in bath.. ENJOY!

Herbs, Marinades and Spice Rubs

We use a vast variety of herbs in many forms daily for health; we flavor foods, use them for aromatherapy, and cleaning. We often grow more than a dozen varieties in the gardens and greenhouse. During the growing season fresh herb bundles are available; and each year we hang, and dehydrate our crop for continuing use throughout the year.

Our herb pastes, marinades, and spice rubs can be spread on any vegetables, poultry, meat products, tofu, and tempe for 1/2 hour to overnight. Then bake, barbecue, grill, roast, sauté or steam. Herb marinades can also be used to flavor eggs and grains by adding while cooking, or at the finish.